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Early Childhood and Family Programs Museum Educator (Updated Posting) Early Childhood/Family Programs St. Louis, MO, US 30-Jan-2020 (CST) Temporary part-time
Housekeeper Housekeeping St. Louis, MO, US 29-May-2024 (CST) Full Time
HVAC Maintenance Technician General Services St. Louis, MO, US 28-Jun-2024 (CST) Full Time
Epsilon-Dalzell Premier Film Preservationist (2019) Media St. Louis, MO, US 22-Oct-2024 (CST) Temporary full-time
Sales Associate Sales St. Louis, MO, US 30-Jan-2020 (CST) Part Time
Production Technician Production St. Louis, MO, US 10-Jan-2025 (CST) Part Time
Volunteer Coordinator Volunteer and Interns St. Louis, MO, US 21-Jan-2025 (CST) Part Time
Director of Education EVE St. Louis, MO, US 15-Feb-2020 (CST) Full Time
Resource Protection Officer (Part-time) Security St. Louis, MO, US 22-Feb-2020 (CST) Part Time
Curator of Clothing and Textiles (previously Curator of Textiles and Costumes) Curatorial St. Louis, MO, US 21-Jan-2025 (CST) Full Time
Registrar Library and Collections St. Louis, MO, US 21-Jan-2025 (CST) Full Time

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